Made today, for today

House-made dishes to take out and eat.
Beautiful groceries to take home and cook.


7 days a week, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
927 Post St. between Larkin & Hyde




Meraki is the Greek word for pouring your soul creativity into whatever you are doing, to do it with complete love and absolute devotion. That’s how we live, and it’s why we’re here.

Meraki Market is a temple of food disguised as a little corner store. It’s about creating beauty through the everyday act of eating well. You can take our house-made dishes out, or shop our very-fine grocery for when you want to cook yourself.

All things lovely, what a feast, zeal and hilt.
Come eat. Meraki Market.

“Next to love, everything else in life pales to the creation of beauty. If only the world could see it.”

— Bill Grzywacz

All-butter shortcakes lashed with cream,

corn pan-fried into golden submission and cut with lime,
luminous plates of hard bread and soft cheese and good salt,
iced bourbon alongside and a single ripe tomato to share.

Salt-cod soaked and adorned

until loose and silken,
mouths full of brine and sun.

A table with two ripe pears

and a French knife,
juice on your chin.

Walking home, fog off the bay, windows filled with light.

Parcels unwrapped on the counter, hot steam of wood-smoke.
Olives crushed green, hot salted broth, farm egg poached, spiny bite of anchovy.

Hands to the wrists in the grand aioli,

more people than chairs, gushes of garlic and cold rosé.

Cold salted chicken leg in one hand,

a devoured book in the other, refrigerator door open, midnight.